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Enovis™ to Highlight Latest Technologies Across the Orthopedic Care Continuum at 2024 AAOS Annual Meeting

February 12, 2024

WILMINGTON, DE, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enovis™ Corporation (NYSE: ENOV), an innovation-driven, medical technology company, will showcase its latest technologies across the orthopedic care continuum at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2024. In addition, the Company will present itself as a newly integrated company following the acquisition of orthopedic leader LimaCorporate S.p.A (“Lima”).

“Enovis has a lot to be excited about in 2024. In our Surgical business, the addition of Lima brings great technologies, capabilities and a product portfolio with demonstrated clinical excellence around the world. Our newly combined sales channel has size, scale and global market access which is extremely powerful,” stated Louie Vogt, Group President of Enovis Recon. "2024 will also be a banner year for product innovation and our ability to improve patient outcomes. We’re launching more new products than ever before with significant introductions across shoulders, knees and hips.”

With the addition of Lima, Enovis will present its extensive and newly integrated portfolio of implant technologies, pre- and post-operative care solutions and digital care resources that help clinicians provide the best care to their patients:

  • ARVIS® Augmented Reality - The ARVIS® Augmented Reality System represents the next era of orthopedic technology. This wearable, self-contained system delivers real-time surgical guidance at the point of care and has recently been updated with simpler registration.
  • AltiVate® Anatomic Augmented Glenoid - Maximize your solutions with AltiVate® Anatomic Augmented Glenoid. The most recent addition to the AltiVate® portfolio that features the Standard, Symmetric augment, and Half-Wedge augment now also includes the Full-Wedge augment option. This entire line of augmented glenoids boasts immediate fixation through patented Drop-and-Go® technology and longevity with the e+™ vitamin E blended polyethylene.
  • EMPOWR 3D Knee® - Medial pivot is only half the story. The latest studies have shown that the native knee moves medially in late flexion, but laterally in early flexion, including walking.2 The EMPOWR 3D Knee® creates more natural motion with the first and only dual pivot total knee design on the market.3,4
  • EMPOWR™ blade stem – The recently launched EMPOWR™ blade stem accounted for previous design challenges with legacy blade and wedge stems and creates a modern stem designed for more fit and more efficiency.
  • DynaNail Helix™- The DynaNail Helix™ is designed to achieve sustained dynamic compression for subtalar fusion with an innovative, anatomically friendly design and simple, screw-like insertion.
  • Evolve34™ - Evolve34™ is a bunion solution for Lapidus correction that allows surgeons to dial in deformity correction and select a hardware construct specific for the patient’s needs.
  • Pecaplasty® - From the recently acquired Novastep® portfolio, Pecapasty® is a guided instrumentation and implant platform for percutaneous bunion correction. The Pecaplasty® System delivers a long-awaited solution, designed for precise realignment, accurate stabilization, and reproducible outcomes.
  • DonJoy® ROAM™ OA Knee Brace - The latest innovation in unloader knee braces from Enovis' DJO, LLC subsidiary, the new DonJoy ROAM OA knee brace helps improve mobility and dynamically provides relief by unloading the pressure of unicompartmental osteoarthritis or other knee pain. Comfortable and easy to use with lightweight, low-profile joint unloading and support, ROAM is ideal for conservative care in active patients, patients looking for support in daily living, in preparation for surgery or for post-operative meniscal tears when indicated.

Visit AAOS booth #1827 or to learn how Enovis is developing innovative medical technology that continues to revolutionize the orthopedic industry.

About Enovis
Enovis Corporation (NYSE: ENOV) is an innovation-driven, medical technology growth company dedicated to developing clinically differentiated solutions that generate measurably better patient outcomes and transform workflows. Powered by a culture of continuous improvement, global talent and innovation, the Company’s extensive range of products, services, and integrated technologies fuels active lifestyles in orthopedics and beyond. For more information about Enovis, please visit

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